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Canada Prepares To Legalize Marijuana Use In July 2018

Toronto (Canada), Nov 5 (EFE) .- Canada is preparing to make reality one of the most controversial electoral promises of the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and legalize in July 2018 the recreational use of marijuana, which will turn Canada into the most significant industrialized country where cannabis is entirely legal.

The bill that will legalize the recreational use of marijuana continues its course in the Canadian Parliament, with the aim that by July 2018 the legislation has been approved and is underway.

The Canadian House of Commons is studying the proposal of the Trudeau Government, and it is expected that the deputies will approve the C-45 bill, as it is known, without significant problems, since the Liberal Party of the Prime Minister has a majority of deputies.

But Trudeau’s plans could encounter more problems when the bill reaches the Senate later this year.

Several senators have already expressed their doubts that the Upper House feels the same obligation as most of the deputies for the legislation to be approved in July 2018, as Trudeau wants.

Independent Senator Andre Prate declared last week that the July 2018 date is a “political limit” that senators are not required to comply with.

Paradoxically, the possible blockade, or at best, the slowdown, of Bill C-45 is the result of another promise that Trudeau made during the electoral campaign two years ago: that the Liberal senators would be independent of their party.

Until Trudeau came to power at the end of 2015, senators were subject to party discipline, be it the Liberal Party or the Conservative Party. But Trudeau freed liberal senators for the sake of democratization of the Upper House.

Measures Of Legislation

The group establishes that marijuana is not sold in the same ones that other narcotics offer , such as alcohol or tobacco . It is contemplated, however, the creation of rooms where you can smoke cannabis.

A report prepared by public health experts tends to recommend the legal minimum age for consumption in 21 years, although the brain continues to develop until 25 years. But it is believed that setting a minimum age too high would encourage the illicit market.