Recreational Vs. Medicinal Marijuana

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From Today Uruguay Begins The Sale Of Marijuana For Recreational Use

About 5,000 people registered with the Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis to purchase the drug in the sixteen pharmacies that will begin the sale today. The cost will amount to $ 6.5 per five grams.There are about 5,000 registered in the register to buy marijuana in the sixteen licensed pharmacies.

Sixteen Uruguayan pharmacies will sell recreational marijuana as of today, to local consumers who previously registered in the Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute (IRCAKA), which totals almost 5,000 people, of whom 70% are men, and the cost will amount to $ 6.5 per five grams.

With the implementation of this measure, Uruguay will complete the regulation of the law on production, marketing, and distribution of marijuana that was approved in December 2013, and that enables three ways to access cannabis: self-cultivation in homes; cooperative farming in clubs and sale in pharmacies.

After three and a half years, the country will become the first nation in the world to regulate the sale of marijuana for recreational use from start to finish.

In the beginning, users will be able to access 5-gram containers although it is expected that in the future there will be presentations of 10 grams of the Alfa I and Beta I varieties with a content of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of the plant, which Round 2 percent. Both will come packaged in their natural state, dried, without grinding or pressing.

Once the sale begins, registered persons will be able to access 10 grams of cannabis flowers per week in pharmacies without revealing any personal information, since they will use their fingerprints to do so. It will be the system that indicates if the dispensation is authorized, as well as the number of grams allowed in that operation.

Medicinal Cannabis

After a tireless struggle of patients, relatives and civil society, the National Congress approved the Law that regulates access to medical marijuana.

It was not easy. It had to overthrow enormous prejudices. But finally, on March 29, the Senate of the Nation turned into a bill the bill that already had half a sanction from the Chamber of Deputies. It is not the best law, but it is a big step, at least to guarantee access to people who require cannabis for their treatments. The self-cultivation is pending, which was not contemplated by the Law and which continues to leave hundreds of cannabis growers in solitude who are currently supplying many patients.

Anyway, it is a victory for all of us who have committed ourselves to this fight, and in this sense we send our congratulations to organizations such as CAMERA - Medicinal Argentina Banana - and Mama Cultiva, and we greet those who in one way or another they have collaborated, as doctors, cannabis growers, different organizations, and media.